About Scout Innovations

Many studies have documented that drivers world over spend over 90 hours a year on the road in search of parking spots

Scout Innovations is a place where conventional problems meet futuristic solutions. Our primary concerns lie with efficient sustainable solutions that further incite a flurry of revolutionary changes for the betterment of mankind. As social innovators, we have launched two ambitious projects to start in the direction we have decided to tread on.

Our projects, namely WA Parking and Smart Parking, work on the Triveni of Infrastructure, mobility, and communication. From creating the infrastructure to addressing real-time mobility needs of the people, our projects tantamount to the solid foundation that we seek to build upon further solutions of tomorrow.

WA Parking is an app-based tech solution to the ever-worsening problem of urban mobility. We aggregate otherwise unused parking lots in the housing and commercial facilities and provide them to the needy on a real-time basis. Thus working as a medium to make use of the available infrastructure more efficiently.

And our other futuristic infra solution, ‘Smart Parking’ provides smart parking lots that work as the state of the art solution to the continual need of making new parking spaces.

Our projects may be forward-looking but they are also firmly rooted in the present. The following facets of these projects make them reliable for not just addressing today’s problems but also gives them enough flexibility to tackle any future unforeseen circumstance.

Environmental First Aid
  1. As much as 32% of Greenhouse gas emissions(GHG) is attributed to the transportation sector. And as the vehicles increase both in terms of number and capacity this problem is threatening to disbalance our existence. That’s why-
  2. Both of our projects aim at reducing the time and subsequently fuel consumption to save the planet
  3. While WA Parking works on pooling the already existing infrastructure,
  4. Smart Parking takes futuristic measures to create a new infrastructure which uses as much as 50-60% less area otherwise required for accommodating the same number of vehicles while consuming minimum power
Mental well-being
  1. According to a study done on traffic congestion in Sharjah as many as 80.4% of people reported extreme stress and 52.2% reported aggressiveness.
  2. Long driving hours lead to greater physical health effects; 66.8% of people reported back pain and 56.7% reported pain in the legs.
  3. In many such proven studies, the road rage has been attributed to poor road health as well as low levels of serotonin in human beings caused by the extra alertness because of too much traffic.
  4. Our projects significantly cut short the average time spent looking for a parking spot.
Gross Happiness Index
  1. With automation at the core of our projects, we are looking at smart machines with smarter analytics. Our smart parking machines are energy efficient and address the issue of mobility
  2. That is why we at Scout Innovations are looking for new challenges to find newer and subtler answers to address the issues at hand
Societal courage and empathy
  1. Happy people are kind people, that’s why-
  2. We deliver solutions that make you happy and time efficient

And as they say that the road to development is paved with clear and wide sidewalks and healthy air, we have started on this journey for the furtherance of our collective future with a zeal to create further possibilities for a better tomorrow.