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Software Engineer / Sr. Software Engineer (Video Algorithms)
  • 4-6 Years
  • Pune / Trivandrum
  • Negotiable

Key Skills: Video Compression, Video Alogrithms, Codecs, C/C++ on Linux, Python 3.x

Job Purpose:

Solid hands-on engineer in the video algorithm domain who mastered in developing video compression algorithms for the cloud and mobile space for many years. The primary focus of the developer in this role is responsible for developing new video software algorithms using the latest codecs and machine language assisted methods for several application areas on the mobile device & cloud. A developer in this role is an integral part of our core video team committed to developing products which enhances both user-experience and reducing the cost of video delivery


• Solid understanding of video compression fundamentals and a good knowledge plus working experience with H.264, H.265, AV1 and VVC codecs
• Knowledge of Media Codec frameworks on Android and iOS platforms.
• Solid programming experience in C/C++ on Linux, Python 3.x
• Knowledge and experience in the video streaming domain is a must
• Good understanding of video streaming protocols such as HTTP, RTP, RTSP, WebRTC
• Thorough knowledge on HLS, MPEG-DASH, MP4, fMP4 and MOV file formats is a must
• Must have a strong knowledge and work experience in the following:
o OS : Linux, iOS and Android
o Media frameworks : Android MediaCodec Framework & iOS Video Toolbox
o Open Source Media frameworks : Latest FFmpeg, GStreamer version 1.x, OpenCV
o Machine Learning frameworks: Pytorch, NumPy, SciPy, Nvidia TensorRT & NNStreamer
o Video filters, Scaling, Denoiser and image blending/rendering algorithms
o Skills in Machine learning techniques especially of solving complex problems in the video compression area using ML & AI deep learning methods.
o Strong understanding of OS internals such as I/O, Networking, Multi-threading etc
Specific Responsibilities:
• Video Compression SDK development for the mobile devices using the latest codecs readily available on handsets
• Strong experience in tackling challenges revolving around video processing
(Transcoding, Packaging), tuning high performance video application for latency and cost
• Develop new video algorithm using the latest video codecs to optimize the video content better for quality and savings
• Understand video patterns and characteristics in the professional and user-generated content using the latest video tools from research community to help improving the existing Crunch products
• Training ML models for specific kinds of video algorithms for Crunch products. Must have an interest and ability to learn the latest improvements and techniques in ML domain from technical publications and blogs and apply it to your own work for model training and model inferences.
• Proactive in creating a multi-paradigm engineering culture by working with a cross-functional team placed locally and globally
• Maintain and extend an existing software components for customer deployments
• Ready to work in a fast paced development environment strictly following SDLC

Posted: 22-Apr-2020, 07:04 am

Marketing Executive (Pune, Mumbai, Delhi)
  • 2 - 3 yEARS
  • Pune, Maharastra
  • 25,000 INR - 30,000 INR

Key Skills: Selling Skills, MS-Office, Customer Handling Skills


1. Conceiving and developing efficient and intuitive marketing strategies.
2. Organizing and oversee advertising/communication campaigns (social media, TV etc.), exhibitions and promotional events.
3. Conducting market research and analysis to evaluate trends, brand awareness and competition ventures.


We are looking for a talented Marketing Executive to undertake marketing projects for the benefit of our company. You will organize creative campaigns and promotional events that can make a difference for our company’s success according to trends and customer requirements.

The ideal candidate will be passionate for the “art” of marketing and will have an abundance of ideas for building efficient strategies. He/she must bring forth a strong arsenal of techniques and methods to promote our products, services and public image.

The goal is to reach out to the market and cultivate the customer’s interest in our products and services in ways that strengthen our reputation and facilitate our continuous growth.


1. Proven experience as marketing executive or similar role
2. Good understanding of market research techniques, data analysis and statistics methods
3. Thorough knowledge of strategic planning principles and marketing best practices
4. Proficient in MS Office and marketing software (e.g. CRM)
5. Familiarity with social media and web analytics (e.g. WebTrends)
6. Excellent communication and people skills
7. Strong organizational and time-management abilities
8. Creativity and commercial awareness
9. BSc/BA in marketing, business administration or relevant discipline

Posted: 09-Mar-2019, 11:03 am